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Quesos Sierra Sur

Dedicated since 1994 to the manufacture of top quality cheeses and yogurts.

Quesos Sierra Sur was born in 1994

Quesería Sierra Sur S.C.A. as a project by the founders of the company Isidro Ibáñez and Francisca Valverde Rufián.

Resources were scarce, but the desire to work, to create something new and to add value to their land were endless. The initial facilities were put into operation, with a small production capacity, in the same location that is currently located, in which an average of 600 liters of milk was transformed every two days.

With the passage of time and as a result of the work, not without overcoming endless difficulties, the company grew, as well as the productive capacity and reaching new customers and markets each time.

In 2004 the company ceased to be Queseria Sierra Sur S.C.A. and was established as IBÁÑEZ Y VALVERDE S.L. The facilities grew and expanded in capacity, staff, and resources as a result of the acceptance of our products by customers and the growth in the number of customers. Currently an average of 3000 liters of milk is transformed daily, and we have clients throughout the national territory and the Balearic Islands as well as some in different European countries.

In 2020, the second generation joined the company, with the incorporation of José Antonio Ibáñez, the son of Isidro and Paqui. Agricultural Engineer by training, who tries to apply new technologies, new knowledge in the company with the aim of improving in all the points where improvement possibilities are detected, as well as with the aim of expanding horizons and new national and international markets, but never without losing or forgetting the roots, the origin and the basis of everything, which is to obtain products of the highest quality and make the added value remain in our land.

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