Our cheeses and yogurts

In the foothills of the Sierra Sur de Jaén cattle grow and feed

This makes goats and sheep live without any stress. In this way they produce a very high quality milk, suitable for making cheeses with a marked authentic flavor.

Fresh goat cheese

Fresh goat cheese made with whole pasteurized goat milk, collected daily by our farmers, with low salt content and vacuum packed.

Natural goat yogurt

Only the best fresh whole pasteurized goat milk and lactic ferments. Nothing more. Totally natural product, with a slight acidity and a delicious flavor.

Semi-mature goat cheese

Awarded a SUPER GOLD at the World Cheese Awards 2019 competition held in Bergamo (Italy).

With an average maturation of about 60 days.

Semi-mature sheep cheese

Cheese made with pasteurized sheep’s milk.

Average maturation of about 60 days.

Semi-mature cheese mix.

Semi-cured goat and sheep cheese (50% goat’s milk, 50% sheep’s milk).

Average maturation of about 3 months.

Lactose-free semi-cured goat cheese

Lactose-free semi-cured goat cheese

Cured goat cheese "Del Premio"

Cheese winner on several occasions of the First Prize for goat cheesesin the Andalusian artisan cheese contest held in Teba (Málaga) and in the contest held in Villaluenga del Rosario (Cádiz). Winner of the Capraespaña Oro award for the best hard paste goat cheese in Spain and winner of the Capraespaña award, held at the Caprino national summit in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo).

Bronze Medal in the World Cheese Awards 2019 contest held in Bergamo (Italy) in the Cured Goat category.

Cured goat cheese from raw milk in extra virgin olive oil

Cheese made with raw goat’s milk and aged with extra virgin olive oil. Minimum cure of 5 months.

Cured goat cheese

Cured cheese made from sheep’s milk.

Aged cheese made from raw sheep's milk

Cheese made from raw sheep’s milk.

Average maturation of about 6 months.

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