Manufacture of cheeses and yogurts in an artisanal way

We believe in the potential of our land and of our farms and we put all our effort, motivation and sacrifice into working every day to bring the highest quality to your table.

Cheeses and yogurts with an exclusive flavor

Our reason for being is quality, which is why we take care of each of the phases of the production process with care.

As a result of this orientation, both the company and our products have received numerous awards from different organizations.

We are located in the Sierra Sur region of Jaén and we firmly believe in the quality and added value of the products of this area. This integration with the local natural environment makes our cheeses and yogurts have an exclusive flavor, moving us away from the standardized products of the large producers.

Cattle as a quality strategy

The cattle from which the milk we use comes is a fundamental part of our quality strategy, which is why we select them individually.

We work hand in hand with our farmers to obtain an excellent raw material. Esta pasión por el trabajo bien hecho redunda en un producto de altísima calidad y un trato excelente a nuestros clientes. This passion for a job well done results in a product of the highest quality and an excellent treatment of our customers.
Here you can find a product that comes directly from the field, without intermediaries.

In the foothills of the Sierra Sur de Jaén cattle grow and feed. This makes goats and sheep live without any stress. In this way they produce a very high quality milk, suitable for making cheeses with a marked authentic flavor.

At Quesos Sierra Sur we are committed to you. That is why we fight every day to offer you the best cheese made from the highest quality milk. We know that a quality raw material is the basis of any good product, therefore we put the welfare of our livestock as one of our fundamental pillars of development.

Cured goat cheese "Del Premio"

Bronze Medal in the World Cheese Awards 2019 contest held in Bergamo (Italy) in the Cured Goat category.

Semi-mature goat cheese

Awarded a SUPER GOLD at the World Cheese Awards 2019 competition held in Bergamo (Italy).

Lactose-free semi-cured goat cheese

Lactose-free semi-cured goat cheese


Do you have a business and want to collaborate with us?

At Quesos Sierra sur we want to collaborate with those businesses that want to distribute our cheeses and yogurts.